Monday, 15 September 2008

So long... Richard Wright

Have just heard the news that Rick Wright of Pink Floyd has died.

My father, who never liked music much but preferred to listen to a box set of the Flying Scotsman's historic journey from London to Glasgow - which at least meant that he was untroubled by other members of the family for several hours on a sunday morning - amazed us all by declaring that he had hugely enjoyed 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn' when played it by an Italian student staying with us to whom he had taken a particular shine, declaring that Pink Floyd were to be admired because they he had been assured by said student that they could play their instruments live.

As this was at the height of punk, and I was a fifteen-year-old boy railing against whatever society deemed precious, and prog-rock in particular, it took me a while to appreciate just what a great, great band they were - and have remained.

I heard the news while downloading a BBC recording from the early 1970s posted at MP3@3PM. Rick Wright's songs are also represented on the original singles, which can be found all over the place, including here, which also happens to have loads of other great stuff as well.

I was lucky enough to get tickets in the draw for Live 8. Pink Floyd were the only reason I wanted to go, and because it ran so late I only saw "Breathe" and "Money". Just to be there as the heartbeat introduction to the first song started up made standing through Sting, UB4o and Maria Carey worthwhile.

Thanks Rick, from an old punk rocker who eventually saw the light.

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