Sunday, 30 November 2008

Avast me hearties, 'tis time to deck the halls...

December 1st is coming 24 hours early this year.

That is the date when we put up our decorations, but the kids are so excited that we're not going to be able to hold off until next weekend.

This will be the first when our smallest will be able to 'help', so that will make it more 'fun' than usual - especially if middle-sized one is 'helping' to keep him out of the way.

Speaking of being out of the way, every year on this glad occasion my better half disappears for 40 minutes to avoid the traditional playing of Tiny Tim's Christmas Album which launches the festivities chez nous.

I bought it for our oldest for his first Christmas, and it has become a favourite of mine despite, or possibly because of, everybody else finding it a trifle challenging.

This afternoon, though, I shall be firing up whatever Heath Robinson set up passes for our hi-fi at the moment and singing along with this perennial favourite - and I would strongly urge you all to do the same.

I was about to rip my copy when I found that Dr Forrest's Cheeze Factory had beaten me to it, so I thank them for saving me the trouble, and wish them - and you - a Merry Christmas, and probably not for the last time this year.

Tis the season to be jolly!


wastedpapiers said...

I looked for Tiny Tim at the Cheeze Factory but couldn't find it. Any chance of an upload?

Wild Man Mikey said...

Hello, looks like it's been taken down, so it would probably be removed from here as well if I uploaded it. Keep an eye on the comments here and I'll see what I can do, but it'll be after Christmas now! Merry Christmas, Happy new Year!

Big Cheeze said...

How weird is that? I'd have sworn Tiny Tim's Christmas Album was posted on my blog, but I can't find it either. Must have vaporized into the vast darkness of the interweb.

Wild Man Mikey said...

Oh great and mighty Big Cheeze - welcome to my humble blog :-)