Saturday, 18 October 2008

Be Glad For The Song Feels Like It's Never Going To End

Goodness me, didn't I go on last week!

This time I'm letting the music do the talking. They're all over three minutes long, most of them are very much longer than that.

I've called it "Clunking Great Epics", designed to be listened to on those long journeys when only a great big hairy wig-out or ten will do. Hope you enjoy 'em!

Tracks are:

Neil Young - Like a Hurricane
The Fall - Cruiser's Creek
The Mekons - Ghosts of American Astronauts
Fairport Convention - Matty Groves
Bob - Rain
Gordon Lightfoot - The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Hawkwind - Lord of Light
The Smiths - How Soon is Now?
The Incredible String Band - Maya
The Wedding Present - Take Me!

Let's Rawwkk!


Tommy said...

Marvellous! Greetings to you, sir. I have just discovered this wonderful blog and, being a chap of a similar certain age, find it fantastic entertainment. The Fall, Captain Beefheart, Eurovision Song Contest and keeping kids quiet with novelty tunes - you are a man after my own heart. Keep up the you know what...

Wild Man Mikey said...

Thank you very much!